The Option to Watch Movies on Phones and Tablets

Let's face it, movie theaters are charging too much to make it worth buying tickets. Most people don't have the resources to afford a ticket for a movie that would likely turn out to be disappointing anyway. Has anyone in the movie industry done a study on how much more they could earn by lowering ticket prices, thereby making it more appealing to more people? On top of that, moviegoers are mentally conditioned to buy themselves snacks. For some reason, people seem to think that snacks and movies should always go hand in hand. These snacks in conjunction to lower ticket prices should be looked into as a potentially better option.


But as it seems, most people would rather stream the movie from other sources. Some would not exercise patience and watch badly recorded versions with garbled sounds. That's one of the setbacks that some move enthusiasts are willing to take if they don't have the money for tickets. Although the popular option in watching these movies is by downloading them through torrent, there are other viable options such as streaming.


The problem with streaming sites is that they are constantly under the watch of those who want to shut down any respectable copy of movies and make sure that streamers are left to watch the garbled mess of a copy available. Fortunately, there's a great alternative that can be used on tablets and mobile phones. What people love and at the same time hate about the MovieBox App is that there are a lot of different methods to install it. It's an advantage because if one method wouldn't work, there are others to try out as well. On the other hand, it may be frustrating for some to try one method after another only to find out that the very last one is one that works for their device. But on the bright side, once it's installed it opens up a whole new world of movies.